FAB Defense Gotcha Cap Self Defense Tool

By NinjaSpy
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Jul 26th
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Have you ever ended up in a dangerous situation and wished you had the right tools to get you out of trouble? The FAB Defense Gotcha Cap Self Defense Tool is made exactly for that scenario. It is designed to make sure you are never caught empty-handed. It has a low profile and can be concealed in your hat. You are going to have quick access to it when in trouble.

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The Gotcha tool is designed by an Israeli mixed martial arts expert. It is in an instinctive tool you can use to slice and stab to buy yourself time or defend yourself. This could prove useful when your life is in danger.

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  • account03

    In California it is illegal to carry a fixed blade knife concealed. Furthermore, all knives are considered deadly weapons. One would only use a knife in self-defense if one’s life were directly threatened. One couldn’t legally stab someone punching them, someone chasing them, someone threatening them, and in any situation where one could instead run away. It ain’t macho, but that’s the law. You’re better off carrying pepper spray.