Yoogo Self Defense Keychain

Meet the Yoogo: a keychain designed to get you out of trouble. It has a compact and discreet design but protects your hand on impact. It fits between your fingers, allowing you to handle it with more confidence. As the below video shows, you can put the hurt on attackers if you use the keychain the right way:

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Whether you want to punch, stab, or slash someone, this self-defense keychain has you covered. Each Yoogo has a unique serial number, which is a plus. This sets you back under $20.

[Source: Gadgetify] [where to get yours]

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  • Why is the unique serial number a plus?

    • Cyrus

      Sorry. Should have explained better: http://yoogo.co/key-return-service.html

    • dozr

      so they know who to visit when they find someones head caved in?

      like a stamp. /sarcasm

      • Cyrus

        I told you guys it was a plus 😉

  • Kendra

    Criminals will buy these. 🙁

    • Cyrus

      surely not serious 🙂 They will buy these and not more dangerous weapons?

      • Bob4Bob

        Metal knuckles (a similar weapon) are still extremely effective. Cheap, quiet and easy to conceal can be more dangerous than big and loud.

      • cock

        “Come out with your hands up- OH MY GOD HE HAS A YOOGO FIRE FIRE FIRE”

      • Jim

        because they can carry it legally. unlike a knife. tbh as soon as you use this you will be the ‘attacker’ and will be done for assault. e.g. in the demo video, someone touched her shoulder from behind then got his/her head caved in.

      • IgnoreThisComment OrDont

        Okay then what good would this keychain do against them? better to run

      • dozr

        criminals will buy nerf guns and paint them to look like real guns to scare people…. budget cuts are hitting everyone.

    • Fusselkater

      Wait until they discover sticks and stones.

  • Roger

    Will you ship to Vietnam ?

  • Scott

    Honestly, you’re kidding yourself if you think this will help you. Buy a whistle if you’re a woman, learn to run if you’re a man.
    This is such a bad product. I mean, if you were going toe to toe with someone your size, this would be an awesome advantage. If your assailant has 10kgs on you, you are f%$#ed.

  • Terance Kim

    this looks useless, it seems like you need at least some kind of training to at least learn how to use it right, at the very least learn how to punch, and if your going that far why not just buy a knife. it would be more effective and a lot more threatening to the attacker then a little nub that they could barely see. honestly if you were mugged by anyone and you had this, you may hit him a couple times, but not before he’s stuck you just as many times with a knife. it’d probably be better to have mace honestly

  • Cyrus

    Disqus is cutting the link off but same as the one I shared, right? I see some cool bundles on the site. I only need one though. I have found a couple of similar products that will post soon with video and stuff 😀