DataLocker Enterprise 1TB: 256 Bit Encryption, Self Destruction

By NinjaSpy
In Encryption
Aug 12th


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Your regular hard drive may be able to hold all your files, but it can’t protect them from strangers. That’s a big security issue if you store business files on an unprotected hard drive. The DataLocker Enterprise 1TB has you covered. It has 1TB capacity and offers 256-Bit AES encryption. There are no software or drivers to rely on. The device is compatible with PC, Mac, and Linux devices. It is FIPS 140-2 validated.

The device offers self-destruct technology to keep your data safe. Your data is secured by entering a 6- to 18-digit PIN via a keypad on the device. It is portable too.  Not cheap, but you pay a price for security.

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