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Oct 30th, 2013

Exxponent Media Network, the parent entity for this website, is mainly a community-sponsored network. We need your support to stay alive and provide you with more great content in the future. Here are a few ways you can support us:

  • Offer us product samples: we review products on our YouTube channel and here all the time. By providing us your product, we will be able to offer our readers more accurate reviews.
  • Sponsor infographics, giveaways, videos: we promote infographics, videos, and host giveaways on this website often. Partnering with us gets your product in front of our audience. We will heavily promote your work in return.
  • Send us tips: our team is very capable of covering the latest trends and stories but we don’t catch everything. If you feel we have missed something, please don’t hesitate to send it our way.
  • Social shares: your Facebook Likes, tweets, repins, and Google+ Shares go a long way towards helping us grow to serve you better.
  • Comment on our stories: we appreciate each and every comment that we get on our stories. Please don’t hesitate to give us feedback and make yourself heard.
  • Spread the word: we would love for you to share our work with your friends and contacts. It is the best way to support us and keep us going strong.

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